Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My internet service went down last night. I came home from a quick trip to the local coffee house for a fresh vanilla latte and scone. my sweetie was okay and in fact her levels were a little high. so I had given husband instructions and called the doctor, waiting for a reply. I was thinking she needed a little more insulin if anything since her levels were a little high at bedtime. well doctor hadn't called back yet and I needed my latte.

My oldest daughter jumped in the car with me. she welcomed an opportunity to leave the house too and the sound of a fresh coffee enticed her. she, however, is someone who does not need any extra caffeine. when I go to lay down to watch tv at night, waiting for midnight for our little one's blood check, I ask my oldest daughter to wake me up, if I dose off. She will always be awake at midnight guaranteed. her internal clock needs to be set back a few hours. when she was five, we traveled to India with her. On the flight from Thailand to India, we flew fours, from midnight to four a.m. almost everyone was asleep in the plane, except for my five year old daughter, who stayed up to watch the in flight movie, Madeline. She finally fell asleep at 6 a.m. when we arrived at our hotel.

so anyways, my daughter and I headed out to get coffee. for myself to make it through the rest of the night and have a half hour outside of the house and for her to guarantee she wouldn't have to waste anytime sleeping at all that night.

so while we were driving, we were discussing school, boys, movies, food, etc. we used to spend our evenings when all the little kids were finally asleep, watching movies together or American Idol. so I suggested, "let's watch Julie and Julia, when we get back home!" I love that movie. I love Julia Child, Paris, and writing. of course, we have seen this movie several times and teenage daughter groaned at the idea again. she suggested some other movies. well, I pondered.

we got our coffees. she tried a chai cocoa for the first time. it was good. I had my standard vanilla latte. I decided to detour at In n Out for a burger to go with my latte. yes, weird. but I thought I could save my latte for dessert and eat the burger now.

we then headed back home. My husband was heading out to meet someone, so we needed to hurry back. when I got to the front door, the porch light was off and the door was locked. Both unintentional or maybe intentional but not user friendly to someone who lives there. so while I was trying to unlock the door, I tipped my burger and fries (yes fries too, thought I could leave that fattening detail out) all over the dark porch. argh!!

so I gathered up what I could in the dark, husband finally opened door and my quick outing was quickly forgotten. I was now upset and headed to my room.

husband left to meet his friend. when I came back out to living room, my daughter had put in "julie and Julia" and lined the remotes up next to my coffee sitting on the footstool next to the couch. Her way of trying to cheer me up. It worked. so I watched my movie as I formulated my new blog ideas to type when show was done.

When I finally headed over to computer and began to log in...our internet was not working! NOOO!!! what will I do??? no facebook, blogging, twitter, banking, shopping?? well I tried jiggling this and restarting that to no avail. I texted my brother as my cell phone works independently from the computer and said simply, "help!" He is our tech guy.


what do I do now?

so I had to sleep with my thoughts to myself last night.

so if I could have told you about my day yesterday, I would have told you that it was a good day. so thank you for your prayers.

My niece and mom came over yesterday morning. My niece, who's 20, offered to clean my house for me to take some of the extra food off of my plate. she cleaned both bathrooms and vacuumed our bedrooms for us. she even swept our kitchen and living room. My mom then went and bought us lunch from the local mexican food restaurant. My niece agreed to clean again when she returns from her recent excursion to Lousiana (Hi Ashley!)

Having my house cleaned helped so much. I felt such a burden lifted. I felt like I had so many things to do that I could just never get to right now. So much of my days now are just watching the clock and counting carbs and keeping kids busy. cleaning is just not on the schedule anymore.

The other good thing about yesterday, was that our sweetie's numbers were good and fairly consistent all day. no lows. so we had a break and we all actually slept all night.

so today, my brother came over to look at our internet problem and concluded that it is actually a phone line problem. (so that's why no one called today). so the repairman is coming tommorow and tonight I am gracing my mom with my presence with teenager in tow again. (more coffee for me, none for teenager) and I shall tell you all about today in my next entry...The Honeymoon.

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  1. I had a typo...trying to say plane ride was four hours. and btw, doctor did call back to husband while I was out. we added 1/2 unit to bring her down a bit last night.