Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Sunday, March 27, 2011


"If you told God on your knees that you had reached an impasse and...were handing it over to him, then leave it with him. Do not go to the first Christian you meet and say, "You know, I have an awful problem; I don't know what to do." Leave it with God, and go on the watch-tower."
- D. Martyn LLoyd Jones

I read this in my Bible study the other day and it came back to mind today. I am feeling overwhelmed again. I have been walking around heavily sighing again. sighing is me trying to shed some of the weight I carry.

I pray everyday, every hour, every chance I get for the Lord to take my concerns and requests and weave them into what they should be. But now, I wait for answers.

when we don't hear from God, In Habakkuk 1:5, it says "Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! wonder! Because I am doing something in your days- you would not believe if you were told." We are told to look around us and see God's work. to be reassured that he is working around us and in our lives even if we don't have the answers to our prayers, yet.

Beth Moore, a great Christian speaker, told of how she had a porch where she would get down on her knees and place her head to the floor to prostrate before the Lord, in humility and awe and to place her self in a position to hear the Lord speak.

I wish I had an enclosed porch in my backyard where I could lay out a prayer rug and watch the sunrise on a warm summer day and just commune with the Lord. When you hear God and see God work, life is SO exciting! You can't wait to see what God is going to do next!

This is something I treasured about living in India. Most of the country is Hindu or Muslim. The focus on their gods is amazing. Every taxi cab has a picture or pictures of their Hindu gods posted on their dashboard.

If you are up early in the morning, you can observe local people walking down the street to the nearest temple to worship before they start their day.

In Muslim areas, there is a call to prayer five times a day. Nothing is more beautiful on a warm afternoon in the desert for everything to come to a standstill and you hear a call to prayer sent over the loud speakers in town in Arabic. It's beautiful. Amazing. India has a culture where daily life is structured around their faith.

The acknowledgement of a god or gods is seen and expected everywhere you go. You can't find an atheist corner.

It's easy to get busy in our modern society and forget all about God.

My life feels like a tower of blocks right now. a new block is added. God doesn't give us more than we can handle yet I haven't seen any resolution yet for several of my concerns.

Maybe God is laying out the foundation right now and then to reveal solutions. Disperse some blocks. make the structure more ornate, spread out like a bridge from a tower.

I am only one person carrying the needs of five kids, while my husband is at work. Each one has their own needs. I feel like, Moses again, Jonah, Joseph. I am not equipped for this?! I have my own ideas!! and why am I here?! I'm ready to move on!! All of our own desires. Our will not His.

The Lord has His plans. He is orchestrating them. I pray for a glimpse of what he is doing and again a miracle blessing of relief.


My daughter asked today, "what is the bread that comes from Heaven?"


she asked, "Can we make some?"

"I think that is from God.", I say. God's sustenance.

how apropo.

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