Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Sunday, March 13, 2011

to soar like an eagle

My six year old daughter ran through the waves today. she had been wanting to play at the beach for a long time. we live so close but taking four little kids with me, anywhere, is quite a challenge. Today, my husband came along. we got our lunch at In n Out to go and the kids began to eat as we drove to the beach. As soon as the kids spotted the beach, they all quickly finished their sandwiches and waited to be freed from their carseats. There was a large birthday party on the grass in front of our car. The kids wanted to join the party and try out their jolly jump. We had to explain that it was not our party. we couldn't join them. Before we got out of the car, I briefed them on the rules again for the park. our son immediately piped up "we can't go in the jolly jump". "yes, that is true", I said, "but also...you must be good listeners and stay together."

we began walking towards the playground by the ocean, when the closer we got, the more the water came into view. our path slowly began to curve right. veering further from the play structure to the sandy pathway to the rocky path down to the beach. That actually looked easier to me to keep an eye on all of the children. so we followed.

we had originally told the kids that we didn't know if we could play at the ocean water because their was a huge construction sign set up near the ocean that had warned of strong currents and to stay out of the water. But this enclosed beach area seemed relatively safe. there were lots of families playing there and the water was calm.

Our little sweetie clung to my husband still concerned about Tsunami tidal waves, while our son and other daughter ran to the water. I should mention they were in their church clothes not beach attire because this was an impromptu trip.

Our daughter and son kept teasing the water, daring it to come closer. they put their toes in, then ran back to safety in the dry, piles of sand. but the more they tempted, the braver they got, and soon we had one covered in salty water and one more to follow. Now that the initiation was over, any hesitation was thrown to the wind. Now my daughter was laying in the water waiting for waves and running in the glistening sun reflecting off of the water. she had arms outstretched as she soared to the tunes in her head. she ran as lightning to one end of the beach to the other. she'd pause at times to peer into a sink hole dug by a nearby child.

Our son was not so happy with his wet corduroy pants that were hanging off of his waist now. At home, if he drips some yogurt on his shirt, a change is required before he can continue his lunch. He sat in the dry sand, fighting back tears, waiting to leave. until he finally discovered the shovel and pail sitting next to him belonging to the brother of the other child digging the sink hole.

Our other daughter, who was worried about the tidal waves, slowly became intrigued by her big sister, taking on the persona of an eagle. She wanted to be her but vicariously. she cautiously climbed down from her Daddy's arms and tippy toed through the sand to get within yards of her sister. She then stretched her arm out for me to hold onto her hand and protect her. She then requested I lead her to the water, to safely get her feet wet. when her toes were just coated in a thin layer of salt water, she squealed and ran, pulling me behind her and then wanted to be held again to watch the water retreat from the safety of her landing.

When it was time to go, we had to strip two kids down out of their soggy, sandy clothes. Luckily, we have tinted windows. we arrived at home and began running hot baths. As the sand ran down the drain they relived their fun afternoon. Our six year old shared her adventures with her teenage sister. She might as well have climbed Mount Everest!

The day before, I sat and shared with my little sweetie how I had met other moms with kids that have diabetes just like her. She replied "I like kids!" As I told her how some of the other moms had 3 year olds too, tears began to well up in my eyes. My love for her, wanting the best for her, just seeing her excitement and potential for an amazing life. her innocence. her excitement.

Life is more than just needles and writing in journals and hiding sugary treats. Life is more than discipline and dishes. Life is loving the very children that we longed to create. loving them for who they are. sharing in their joys and dreams.

whatever our challenges, we must keep life in perspective.

I remember on one of our vacations in Wisconsin, we stayed at my uncles house. It was a warm summer evening and we had been on the lake for most of the day. that night, we looked up at the stars and tried counting them. we imagined the view of the sky from our home that was currently vacant, waiting for us to return. My uncle's house was out in the middle of nowhere. you could see a million stars.

that night, my dad tucked me in to my make shift bed up in the loft of his brother's house. my dad sat and talked with me as we said good-night, as we did many nights. He said, "Before you know it, we will be back home again, in your own bed. then one day you will be all grown up and tucking your own children in bed, and one day I'll be gone. It goes so fast. enjoy every moment."

my dad had already lost his first wife by then and his beloved mom. He already knew tragedy and regret. He also was a poet. He appreciated beauty and the simple things that can mean so much. the smell of a ripe orange. the blossoms on a peach tree. how important family was.

watching my little sweetie light up as I told her about other kids just like her and watching my other daughter completely absorbed with joy soaring through the waves, gave me my own joy of being a mom and being able to be part of these moments.

This is why we do what we do. to teach our kids how to enjoy life, in spite of whatever their challenges may be.

You never hear an eagle complain, you just watch it soar through the air, as it was created to do.

In Hindi, the word is: dharma.

fulfulling your purpose,

doing as you were created for.

God knew what your challenges were to be, when he created you.

When the sun sets every night, it knows that it will rise again to a brand new day.


  1. Hi Jennifer! I just found your blog through The Superhero and The Princess's new blogroll. My 7 year old daughter is T1 and I blog at www.boxofchocolatesblog.com

    This is a beautiful post. My favorite line "whatever our challenges, we must keep life in perspective." Thank you for reminding me of this today :) I look forward to reading more about you and your family here.