Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Saturday, March 19, 2011

new record low...

We had a new record low today.

she was outside playing with her brother and sister in the backyard. she had had breakfast but not snack yet. I was debating giving her a snack or doing an early lunch because they had had a late breakfast. I went outside to ask them if they were ready for a snack. Our little sweetie followed me back in to the kitchen. she agreed that crackers and peanut butter sounded good. I sat her down at her little table and gave her crackers and peanut butter to spread by herself. we don't normally check her at morning snack time. But I looked at her trying to pick up the cracker and knife. her little hands were shaking. I said," Let me check you."

I came back over with the meter and she willingly handed me her pointer finger. As the numbers counted down I watched and then in horror saw the number 37 pop up on the screen.

I push her plate away from her and say "just a minute, let me get you some sugar." I dig through the box that holds the ziploc bag in the cupboard that holds the smarties for emergencies such as this. I grab the bag but can't get the bag open! I rip it open and grab a handful of smarties. I come over to her and quickly unwrap it to dump smarties on the table in front of her for her to quickly inhale. chew. swallow. chew. swallow.

She gets upset. SHE wanted to open the package! no. now she won't eat them!! I grab another wrapper. "here you go, open!" I sweep the other opened package almost onto the floor, out of her way. start over. its okay. open and eat! now!!

She of course, fingers trembling, can't get the wrapper open! I offer to help. She lets me untwist the ends. but she still wants to pull them out, organize them by color and then eat.

I jump up and grab the apple juice. I pour a fourth of a cup and return with a straw, heading off any further mistakes. I tell her to sip as she lines up her candies. She drinks all of the juice before she has her candy all lined up. She finally eats all of her candies. we then sit and wait. and sit and wait. and wait. looking at each other. from across the little table. I ask her, "are you feeling better?" she nods, "uh huh". in three year old language or teenager language that means "yes".

I then check her again and now she is 98.

emergency sirens turned off.

I then hand back her plate of crackers and peanut butter and she begins to spread the peanut butter on the crackers and assembles sandwiches. Happily she takes a bite of the first finished sandwich.

meanwhile, her twin brother is banging on the screen door that leads to the kitchen and wants in NOW! because his hands are wet from playing in the sand, and wet hands, of course is absolutely unacceptable. yes we are a house of prima donnas!

I can now address his needs now that her emergency is over.

All I say to myself over and over is: thank goodness I checked her. thank goodness. almost didn't. thank goodness. 37. oh my gosh. wow. 37. thank goodness.


  1. Oh Jennifer, it is so frightening to have a low like that. And amazing that she is talking and you wouldn't even know it at first. One time Paige was in the 50s and she was spacey and just starting at me, but not responding. And other times she'll be 45 and she goes waltzing up to the nurse's office at school and they swear they didn't even see her skin look pale. It makes no rhyme or reason.

    Your mother's intuition is your best friend. There will be times that God nudges us to test. I firmly believe that. Especially in the night.

    I'm so glad everything is okay now.

  2. thank you. you just reminded me to go check her!

  3. I HATE those scary lows! I remember very clearly my daughter's first really low bg. You described it perfectly, you are in "siren" mode. We love the Juicy Juice for low lows too...goes down so quickly. So glad that you followed your instinct to check her.

  4. I've been reading through your blog. I came to it from another D-Mom's blog. What a scary low! That sounds like my daughter insisting on opening the package on her own and me panicking just wanting her to eat! My daughter was diagnosed over the summer at the age of 4. I like the small juicy juice boxes for when she is low. They are 15 carbs a box. Then I don't have to wait for her to chew and swallow...she can gulp that juice down in no time. I blog at www.vabeachduckfamily.blogspot.com. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Sorry you have to be part of this club though.