Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Thursday, March 6, 2014

we are expecting!

Our little sweeties will have a new little brother or sister by Halloween this year!  We are thrilled!  Some people worry about having another child after a diagnosis of diabetes, but we believe that every child is a blessing from God and we are thankful that God is blessing us and entrusting us with another little one.

new pump!

thank you to donations from our readers and animas' financial assistance program, our little guy is now using  a new animas ping pump as of yesterday!! so far so good!  He is still not happy about having diabetes and still at times states, "I do not have diabetes!".  But I'm sure soon he will adjust to no longer having shots every time he eats and twice at dinner for his lantus shot.  He picked blue and a blue sleeve and custom ordered a pump bag with teddy bears.  (As you can tell by his shirt, he loves teddy bears).  Thanks again to all who helped!  He is now 11 months into living with type 1 diabetes.  no fun but surviving.

little sweetie's broken arm

Our little sweetie just got her cast off on Monday, after a four week stint wearing a pink cast.  After school one day, her dad took her to an inground playground where she fell off of the slide and managed to crack her wrist.  She then spent hours in the doctor's office then hospital as she had a temporary cast put on through the weekend and then a more solid cast that following Monday.  Her sister was in a talent show that night and she insisted on coming to see the talent show from the hospital with her fresh cast!  They knew that there were at least two skits with songs from the movie Frozen in the show and couldn't wait to see them!

So she had many sign her cast including her faithful endo and nurse!  and it is already behind her now!

my eldest daughter just had a baby!

My daughter delivered a healthy little guy two weeks ago!  Our diabetes' sweeties are now an aunt and an uncle!  She is finishing a degree in psychology at UC Santa Barbara but took time out to become a mom!  (That's proud grandma) second photo down!  (But don't call me grandma!  I am far too young!)

Monday, July 8, 2013

thank you!

a big thank you to Sara for our first donation of $20 towards getting our son's insulin pump! 

If 99 more people donate $20 we will meet our goal of $2000!!!

fund raising for new pump for our sweetie pie

we are spreading the word that we would appreciate any help we can receive towards the co pay cost of the animas ping pump that we want to purchase for our son.  He is asking when he will get a pump just like his big sister.  When we received her pump, just a few months ago, we had insurance that paid the entire cost.  Since I went back to work, we had to switch to my husband's insurance that now has a copay. 

The pump costs $6000 which  means we need to come up with $2000.  So far, I see this as a great diabetes awareness opportunity.  Every person that we can educate about the seriousness of this disease and the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes is worth every penny. 

Please help us raise the money that we need so he can get his pump!  If 2000 people donate $1 each using our paypal link on this page, we will have the money that we need to order his pump. 

Spread awareness and please help our sweetie pie get his pump!