Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Monday, June 5, 2017

starting research for master's thesis in medical anthropology

I am excited to announce that I have just been approved by my university to start my master's thesis research this summer.  We have been living with type 1 diabetes now for six years.  My daughter was diagnosed at age 3 and my son was diagnosed also at age 3, two years after my daughter was.  I have met many families along away and held back tears.  Our lives are changed forever with a diagnosis, and yet, we must continue on.  carry on.  keep optimistic for our kids and at the same time, hide our tears, and fears, and knowledge of what could happen.

I will be receiving a master's degree in anthropology in May 2018.  I plan to apply to a Ph.D. program to continue graduate studies in anthropology.  My specialty will be in medical anthropology and sociocultural anthropology.  I want to research what factors contribute to a family thriving after a diagnosis of a chronic illness and how it affects the family.  I plan to write a book after I complete my thesis, showcasing 10 of my families to be able to share their story and show the warriors that they are.

I have set up a funding site for my research this summer.  Right now, all of my expenses will be covered by myself.  If anyone is able to contribute to my research financially or are interested in telling me their story, you can donate to my go fund me page and email me at jenes14@yahoo.com.

I will keep you updated!

thank you!!


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