Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


we were able to get lunch together. just my husband and my little sweetie pie, and myself. we stopped at sharkys and ordered a pizza and quesadilla. we had packed a sandwich and wrote the carbs on the bag that it was in. so we sat down at the table with a balloon tied to her chair and a peanut butter sandwich layed out in front of her and the stickers from the doctors office arranged by whom they would be given to. I went to get myself a drink and noticed they had diet soda. I thought "that would be a treat she can have!" so I filled a small cup for her and set it in front of her. she was very excited and felt very important. the restaurant was very crowded being that it was lunch time and located in the middle of a well to do business area.

I noticed a table filled with men in button down shirts and ties. one of the men had a chocolate milk to drink. I thought that was different. I thought "I wonder if he has diabetes" but then I thought that if he did he wouldn't have chocolate milk, he would just have milk. maybe he was a business executive but secretly still yearning for his childhood. whatever the reason, I thought, brave choice amongst all these very serious looking men.

I saw a mom getting drinks filled at the soda stand and she had two little girls with her. one was crying. the mom was telling her she should have waited to do something. I saw them go sit down and periodically heard someone cry. maybe she was tired, maybe the mom was tired. who knows.

I wondered if anyone noticed my sweetie pie, sitting there, in a restaurant eating a pb sandwich instead of the hot quesadilla or bbq chicken. I wanted someone to ask in a kind way, so I could say "she's diabetic. we're taking care of her. we're not picky or overly strict or depriving her. we are taking care of her. see her special soda? "

She was dressed extra cute because the nurses all loved her outfits in the hospital. because if was diabetes, somehow we avoided the hospital gown. or maybe they just loved her clothes too much. I felt I had an obligation now to always have her dressed cute. I had to remember what she had worn last doctor visit and make sure she had on another outfit, just as cute but not a repeat. In fact, I bought one more pair of leggings the other day at The Gap, that looked extra cute on her. I couldn't control the diagnosis but I can control her wardrobe!

we finished our food at sharkys and added three more balloons to our trip home so her brothers and sister could share in the fun. as we drove off, we felt successful that we had a good lunch as a small family and some more special time with our sweety.

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