Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

out patient hospital visit

we returned to the scene of the crime today. the long drive back. it's 42 miles. but with traffic an hour. we passed green mountains from the rain and lots of beautiful dark trees still in winter dress.

there was no parking available in the parking lot. I dropped my husband and our daughter off so they could go inside upto her appointment. I then circled and circled and circled trying to find a parking spot. This hospital is large and has a small tram to pick people up from the parking lot. they also have wheel chairs all over for people that can't walk from the their car. I patiently watched and crept along looking for a parking spot. As I turned a corner, a healthy looking middle aged woman tore around the corner in her sparkling clean new mercedes. She glared at me as I was in her way. I thought "who are you??" "Do you have a diabetic daughter on the way upto see the doctor?" who knows. maybe her situation was far worse. But empathy was not in her eyes just irritation.

I finally gave up trying to park and headed off to the dreaded parking garage. I always feel trapped in parking garages. I usually avoid parking garages at all costs. but I needed to get up to the appointment. at this point, I'm sure my husband and the doctor were wondering what had happened to me. No. I did not detour at starbucks.

I finally parked on the roof of the parking structure. I shared the elevator down with another nice woman. She said she came to the hospital every week for a shot and she never saw such parking problems here before. She thought it was due to the construction going on around the hospital. I wanted to ask her what her condition was but she didn't continue the conversation. I wanted to tell her my daughter was diabetic and I give her four shots a day and check her blood five times a day and we stayed in the hospital several days last week, but she didn't seem too interested. She was nice but focused on her own mission.

I finally made it upto the doctors office. The doctor had already done an exam on my daughter and determined that she is doing great! She has already gained two pounds! (watch out big brother). A social worker and nutritionist also came in to the room to ask us some questions. we felt pretty comfortable with what we were doing already at home so our questions were minimal. They again reiterated we were doing a great job. We said our emergency response time is improving with each crisis we have had over the years. (3 years ago, our other daughter broke her femur bone at school, falling off of the play structure. She ended up in a body cast for 2 months. so far Diabetes has been easier maintenance.)

We ended our visit with information on a medical bracelet and a new book. another appointment in a month. doctor calls everyday still. picked up another prescription and headed to the car.

we then sat in the car and checked her blood again, portioned her lunch to her, gave her a shot and then headed off north towards home.

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