Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a game...

Today as I was fixing lunch for the kids, I looked out into the backyard where the kids were playing. I see my 6 year old daughter over my diabetic daughter. Our sweetie is laying on her back in the grass. My 6 year old, is standing over her, tickling her. I say "what are you doing?" My older daughter responds,"I'm tickling her because she won't wake up."


dry my hands on kitchen towel.

I was on the phone with my husband while fixing lunch as I had been looking out the sliding glass door, watching the kids. yes. multitasker.

I set the phone on the counter and ran out to my daughter.

It was a hot day today. and they were all tired. and they had been playing for awhile.

I run up and look at her and say her name. I ask my other daughter to move out of the way. My little one opens her eyes and looks at me but does not jump up right away or laugh.

I scoop her up quickly and run into the kitchen. I set her up on the kitchen chair and talk to her. "how are you doing?" She looks at me but doesn't say anything. I am thinking "oh, my, goodness! Is this an emergency?!?" meanwhile, my husband is still on the other line of the phone. waiting on the kitchen counter.

I grab her meter and quick check her finger. I am watching the numbers count down 5....4.....3....

I am fully expecting an 18 reading. I am thinking, "Should I just give her apple juice right now?" The number finally pops up on the meter....ready?......



281. yep. she's not low. She's high!!!! I say "you're fine!!"

My teenage daughter says, "oh, they were just playing a game." oh, really?! I say. heavily with sarcasm. funny game.

I go to the phone and tell me husband. He was definitely shaken up and said that he was already planning to drive immediately home. Fully expecting an emergency situation. He said that he was planning and preparing to coach me through the glucagon shot.

He definitely chokes back tears when we try to change the topic of conversation.

Rushing to the hospital just six weeks ago is still too fresh in our minds. and the recent death of a friend's son.

After we talk a few more minutes, I say "good bye" to my husband and return to my daughter. She's high but still is acting low. I check her again to make sure the numbers are right. This time it reads 291. hmmm. how did it go up in 10 minutes?

Since she has now convinced herself that she is low (probably due to some of my theatrics) she now wants lots of smarties. She gets up from her chair and goes to the cupboard where they are kept and says "I'm super low, I need candy..." (add the whiny, tired crying voice). I sit her down and bring over her lunch.

Soon her siblings join her and they all eat and watch one of their favorite shows. Little Einsteins.
She eats everything on her plate. She was hungry. She then goes to the couch and finishes her show.

The end result; I guess she was hungry and tired and playing a game. I tell my teenage daughter how serious I thought this was and how scared I was. She tells me that they were just playing a game. She saw them play a similar game yesterday.

nonchalance from the teenager. innocence on their end and very scary on my end. I don't think my sweetie even understands the seriousness of the disease that she carries. or how unfun that game looked. she is only 3. She innocently acts out what could someday be a reality. she just doesn't know it.

God bless her naivete. and God bless my quick reaction.

and God bless the quick recovery from my brief heart attack!

and here's to another sleepless night as we continue to live with the reality of a daughter with diabetes.

A precocious daughter with diabetes.

really funny precocious daughter.

so funny I forgot to laugh.


  1. oh yes. know the feeling well. because my son cant talk yet, its like... panic stations all the time. something as simple as laying his head on a cushion to watch tv. scary stuff.

  2. little heart attack for sure!! normally 281 isn't a number I like to see but in this situation...281 is GREAT!!!

  3. because we are still six weeks into diagnosis, we still have lows and highs. so 281 is still good!