Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Friday, April 22, 2011

highs and strong wills

I figured out today that when she is high, she also acts like when she is low.

I took her into her speech class and when she was done, the teacher said that she was getting more comfortable because she was starting to explore around the room. ie. get into everything.

I checked her, she was a little high. but it was snack time so I gave her a snack.

we then went to pick up her sister from school. while we waited outside the classroom for my daughter, our sweetie couldn't stand still. she wanted into the classroom to play with the dollhouse that she discovered last visit. she managed to sneek into the room past the teacher and began to pull out dollhouse furniture and arrange it in the dollhouse. I went over to her and said that couldn't play with the toys right now. she did not want to leave!

I ended up picking her up and carrying her out. she then reached from my arms and grabbed the classroom door and held on!!

I pried her hands off.

My other daughter was finally dismissed and we began to walk back to the car.

Our sweetie couldn't just hold a hand and walk. she was running all over the place and picking everything up off the ground that she found.

she is 3.

finally made it to the car and got home.

then as we entered the front door, she began crying about something that she wanted and couldn't have right away. I had her sit down at her little table with her brother and sister and got snacks. she then began to cry about the snack.


typical 3 year old antics?

I took her to her room to calm down and then she walked back out and in between sniffles, sobs, said she would contain herself.

Is she low?

I test her and see that she is over 400!

the granola bar from earlier! no insulin.

I give her some crackers and milk and insulin for an adjustment shot and the extra carbs.

Later, we are hanging out in the back yard and everything is calm again. I look into the house and their my sweetie is sitting at her little table completely engrossed in her paper doll set. quietly playing and arranging and happy self again.

yes she is 3. yes she is strong willed. but I do think there is a correlation to her loss of self control and sudden moodiness and her highs.

because what a difference once she was fed and brought down.

she has been having lots of highs and I like the advice of our diabetic neighbor. He said to calculate and give insulin right before food or as she begins to eat to try to avoid so many ups and downs. In the hospital we were shown to wait to give insulin til we knew what she was going to completely eat but as I watch more and give insulin upfront, it does seem to keep her lower and more even.

I was also worried after several lows and lows at midnight that I was purposefully keeping her high because I was afraid of turning around and finding her low again.

But now I see that the highs are affecting her too. and worrisome.

all in the balancing act.

Life's a big circus.

on a constant tight rope.

and tonight when she went to bed. she wanted milk, then more milk, then crackers, then more crackers, then soymilk! I thought for sure she would be in the 400's at midnight. she was 220!

go figure.

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