Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

you say tomato, I say tomato

some call it tomatoes and some call it tomatoes. we received a huge blessing two days ago. I wasn't expecting it but I had always hoped that God would come through some how.

Our oldest daughter attended this great private school that I wanted my second oldest to attend. By the time our 6 year old was ready to attend though, we couldn't afford it.

We decided this year to homeschool her while we figured out what to do next. She was a young kindergartner and could easily use a year of kindergarten again. She had also missed a lot of preschool due to her broken leg when she was three. She has always been hesitant in new situations and needed some speech intervention. In a nutshell, she needed a break. So God provided it by us needing to decide on homeschooling.

We were able to do a lot academically over this past year. She had lots of play time with her younger siblings. We have an amazing backyard so they never had a shortage of play area. But I was feeling more tied down with four little ones by myself a lot. Trying to be part of homeschooling groups and do field trips and park days with friends was sounding like too much. If I had help, I could do it but that wasn't often enough.

Then our 3 year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This shook our world. Our foundation is strong but we never dreamed that that was a possibility. Suddenly, we were down in a hospital for several days and realizing the mortality of our children.

We have gotten into a routine with our sweetie. There are still lots of ups and downs and I still need to consult with the doctor, but in general we are carrying on.

Our twins have also needed speech services for a year now and I have been working on the process of getting them evaluated and approved and set up for services. This was a long process and finally they began classes this week! It seemed that it was now the time for our 6 year old daughter to get back into a classroom with kids her own age.

We still couldn't afford it but I explored other public school options and they were all full for the remainder of the year. It seemed that the answer was still pointing back to our first choice.

I shared my findings and our current situation with someone that wishes to remain anonymous, but she said that she felt she had no other choice but to help us!

Praise God!

She is not quite sure that God is doing the blessing here but we know that God has blessed us through her. We have prayed about this decision for months and months and months. and God can use whomever he wishes in whichever way he wishes.

We are so thankful for this blessing and feel that some burden has been lifted. We needed some extra help and relief and this meets my children's needs.

some look at this world as a random act of coincidences, we see it as all in God's timing.

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  1. That's wonderful! What a blessing to know someone so caring! God bless her for doing such a kind and generous thing!