Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Friday, April 29, 2011

College funds

Yesterday we were so encouraged about the direction things were taking regarding which college my daughter is to attend.

This afternoon, when we talked with the financial aid counselor again on the phone, we realized that we are still short funds. The large grant helped but even with some loans, we are still short what we need.

so now what?

My daughter again feels that junior college would work for a year and then transfer her sophomore year to this college. She would save money.

But then, she has worked so hard to get to this place. All of her friends are headed off to great schools.

Why should she have to go to a junior college when she worked so hard to get into a university?

The door is not shut yet.

I am praying that God will surprise her and provide for her financially to attend this school.

our deadline to accept is May 2. My husband's birthday. We have two more days for God to do mightier things.

He can part a sea, he can make a blind man see, he can feed thousands with fish and bread, he can walk on water, and he can raise the dead.

If he wants her to attend this school, he will provide.

and I wait with expectant eyes and arms to see him build our faith.

please pray with us.

God can do above and beyond what we ask for.

Out of $38,000, we need $9000 more.

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