Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Thursday, April 7, 2011

spammy or abusive

somebody just reported my facebook updates of this blog as "spammy" or "abusive". As if having a diabetic child isn't enough. I have to deal with somebody slowing down my blogging.

I suggest if reading about a diabetic child is offensive to you, please exercise your American rights and don't read this.

Just as I have to walk past your adult entertainment stores and tolerate court cases against the word "God" in the pledge of allegiance because it offends someone, I suggest you just walk on by too.

In no way is this blog meant to be "spammy" or "abusive" and I feel sorry for the person who thinks it does.


  1. Unbelievable to know that one of your "Friends" on Facebook would do that!
    I really enjoy your blogs when I get a chance to sit and read them, Jennifer!
    Hugs to you and yours :-)

    ps...that person should just click the little "x" in the corner and block posts from networked blogs...sheesh!

  2. Seriously?! That makes me so mad to hear that others think of your blog in that way. I say defriend them! I feel like people are tired of hearing me talk about diabetes all the time now, but it is my life and it is a 24 hour thing and I don't know how to go on with life without it consuming my thoughts and everything they say. Uggh...

  3. Do you know who it was? Sadly, I've heard of this happening to other bloggers via FB.

    Unfortunately, people outside of the diabetes community get "tired" of hearing our story and seeing continuous D related updates. After the initial shock wears off, we're still living this reality and the world around us doesn't understand why we're stuck writing day after day about the journey.

    It's hurtful, to say the least.

    I actually created a separate FB account to address this issue in my own life. There's one with my friends and family outside of diabetes -- I rarely update with D statuses there.

    I hope the people you cherish most don't ever turn their backs like this "friend" did.

  4. keep blogging, those that matter will keep reading :-)

  5. thats annoying if they did that purposely. i remember a friend of mine, posting on a forum, panicking she was wondering what she could do because she had accidentally hit 'report' or whatever while using her phone to access facebook. i definately hope thats the case and not someones stupidity. like you arent dealing with enough right now! xx.