Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Thursday, January 21, 2016

the swinging pump and pokemon

We have two children that have type 1 diabetes.  They are both full of life and energy.  However, one child does not like to swing their pump like a lasso, and the other does.  This could probably be analyzed based on tendencies of genders or age but the photos above will give away the culprit.

He has had a cool bag in the past that neatly tucked his pump inside and he wore the bag around his waist.  But at some point over the last two years, he took off the bag and never put it back on.  In the meantime, he clips his pump on his pant waist.

This worked for awhile.  Until he discovered that the pump is actually really cool to play with.  He discovered he can fiddle with the grommet on it and the tubing attached to the pump can make a great lasso.  Hence, I will see him coming out of his room, swinging his pump like he is ready to saddle up and head to town.

He tried this cool trick at the doctor's appointment with his endo and she was not amused to say the least.  In fact, she reminded him that the pump could be replaced with multiple shots again everyday if he didn't keep that pump on his waist, where it belonged.

He may enjoy the challenge of playing standoff with his doctor but I do not want him to return to shots.  So, I began my search for a cool new bag for him.  Something that he might be willing to wear again.  I found this pokemon bag!  One of his new obsessions is pokemon.  The kids found their big sister's collection from years ago, one day, and ever since, all they want to do is collect pokemon cards and organize pokemon cards and trade pokemon cards.

I was so excited to show him this new bag that I went running into his room and interrupted a pokemon trading session to show him the photos.  He agreed.  He liked it.

We ordered it.  and here it is.  He is still warming up to the idea of wearing it but it was handsewn just for him per his request to have Bulbasaur and Charmander on the front.  It is a small victory in the diabetes life, when we see something cool for a precocious young boy that has to deal with such unfair medical dealings in life.

thank you www.toosweetboutique.net

if you would like to order a hand made bag for your child living with type 1 diabetes or even bless a friend,  the wonderful owner who makes each bag with love, will offer a 10 % discount on any purchase made by 1/31/2016  if you mention my blog with the code: JRichardsBlog

it's all about the silver linings

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