Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I was asked to speak at the kids' school yesterday.  They had their staff meeting and I was to be "the guest of honor".  Since the school that we have chosen for our kids is private, they do not have a nurse on staff.  Therefore, I have been the unofficial nurse to manage the care of both of my kids and their diabetic needs.

I have been working directly with the teachers of my kids but the rest of the school staff hadn't seen much of what we do everyday.  So, I was given the privilege of educating the entire staff about diabetes and the care that the kids require.

The meeting ended up being blessed.  It wasn't a dry, informative, mandatory educating time.  It ended up being very interactive and the staff was very responsive.  There were many questions and comments.  I brought in many items to show what we used to manage their diabetes.  I discussed their pumps, needles, insulin, sugars, and cgms.  Questions led to conversations about how was it to accept a diagnosis as a parent?  Will we ever get to sleep through the night again?  What are signs of them having low blood sugars?  and where is the positive in all of this?

I found myself coming to tears as someone asked the last question.  Because, WHERE is the positive in all of this?  not only ONE child, but two!  Is there any positive?  well, after I thought about it and a teacher in the meeting took a moment to reflect while I composed myself.  I said that I wouldn't not have any of my children.  If I knew that they would have developed diabetes, would I have decided to not have all of these children?  no.  Our second child's name means "God has heard our prayers."  We prayed  for each of our children and even with my last child that brought on heart failure in me, I still am thankful to have survived and have him today.

The silver lining in living with problems: is that we all have problems.  Some have different names and diagnosis.  We all struggle and are sad and some days happy too!  God is the problem solver for us and can show us blessings through our perseverance.  God has opened my eyes to childhood illnesses that I never knew about before and shown me how precious life is.  We take life for granted until we realize that life is a gift.  Every life.  Every child.  And sometimes we need those reminders.

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