Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Monday, January 18, 2016


we went to lunch at the local harbour during Christmas Break.  This restaurant has the best fish and chips.  They have a boat and go catch their own fish and then fry them up and serve them.  We have been eating at this restaurant for years.

Notice my sweetie in the front here of the photo is only half smiling.  She is normally full of energy and smiling and talking.  But not this day.  As we were driving over for lunch, she was quiet.  When you have a child with type 1 diabetes, when their behavior seems different than normal for them, we worry.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I checked her blood sugar levels.  She was low.  This means she was under 70.  she was 68.,  Not too bad, but low.  I gave her a juice box to drink as we went into the restaurant.  She didn't really want to drink it and complaining how big the box was.  It wasn't big and that again, seemed strange.  She drank over half and sat quietly at the table.  Her blood sugar levels came up just enough that she was over 70, so I let her just sit.

The food arrived and everyone began to eat.  She began to pick at her food and took a few bites.  I kept watching her not sure how she was doing.  My mom came over to sit closer to me and began telling me about new landscaping she wanted to do.  I could only half listen as I kept watching my sweetie.

I finally asked her if she was feeling okay and if she needed to go to the restroom.  Do you want to guess how the story ends?

I ended up taking her home early after she had gotten sick just outside the restaurant.

This happens.  It happens to kids and adults.  But when it happens to someone with type 1 diabetes, we have to keep checking her blood sugar levels and making sure that she doesn't go dangerously low.  It is not uncommon for children with type 1 to get the stomach flu and end up in the hospital due to dehydration and unable to keep their sugar levels up and then they start developing ketones.

Lucky for us,  after we got home and cleaned up and got comfy on the couch, that was the end of it for that day.  She recovered and was able to drink some soda and later some crackers and then some food.

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