Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Sunday, November 29, 2015

very low

I was working on my paper for a class I am taking and I suddenly hear her alarm alert me from down the hallway.  Every night, we check our kids, atleast twice each in the night to make sure their blood sugar levels are  within range.  My husband had gone to bed and I thought he had checked her.  When I got up to check her cgm and why it was alarming, I'm wondering if it is going to say she is low or high.  Her target number is 130.  Under 70 is dangerous and over 200 is too high.  I guess she must be low because last my husband said, she was 80 and needed milk to drink.

I quickly walk over and look at the screen.  It should have a number.  When their number gets too high, over 400, it will just say "high".  When she is under 30 it will just say "low"  and if they go any lower, that is very scary and very dangerous.  Lows can lead to passing out or even seizures.

When I look at her screen, it says "low".  I don't even recheck her blood sugar levels with her meter.  I just quick grab a juice and get her to drink it.  She responds and drinks so that eases my mind at least.  The cgm is not always accurate so it is possible that the numbers were off.  After she drank her juice I finally tested her and her meter said 78.  So I don't know how low she really was but her cgm stated 50.  After a little bit her cgm adjusted to 86.  And then I gave her a drink of milk.  I will have to go check her again when I am done typing this to make sure she stays over 100 to sleep.

That was a scare.  We never get rest.  This follows us everywhere we go.  This is way we educate because type 1 diabetes is not a matter of sugar and blood tests, it's a matter of life and death.

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