Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Friday, November 27, 2015

continuous glucose monitors for managing diabetes

This is some new technology for us.  Each of our children with diabetes at different times finally received a cgm (continuous glucose monitor)  that they wear in addition to their insulin pump.  This gives us a continuous reading of their blood sugar levels.  It gives us a range that they should be in and alarms us when their glucose levels go to high which makes them sick or too low which is dangerous and can cause them to pass out or worse,  This gives us some piece of mind when we are sleeping and while they are in school as we can text their teachers and ask how they are doing.  A good range for them is above 70 and below 200.  As you can see in these screen shots, this particular moment our daughter's on top was in range and she was holding at around 129 which is great.  Our son's on the bottom, was dropping fast and he was 69 and going down which is not good.  That is when he requires juice or smarties to get him back above 70.  We have had many episodes where he is sleeping at night or even in the afternoon where one of them drops and then we need to sit with them and get them to come back up with juice.  Most recently when  he dropped low, he refused juice and I finally had to grab frosting and put it in his mouth  to get him to respond enough to be willing to drink juice.  So here it is.  Some peace of mind with a little technology and a little more in depth look at life with type 1 diabetes.

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