Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Thursday, January 19, 2012

went for a walk

we went for a walk today and some neighbor friend's caught up with us. They had seen us walking by and came to join us. Our kids walked together as us moms, chatted. one child in a stroller and three running ahead.

when we left the house, my sweetie was 191. I brought smarties and cheerios, just in case. we walked the long way so that they could pick flowers and help neighbors receive their newspapers that were sitting in driveways.

As we came up the last street on the way back to our house, we spotted another friend home, working in their driveway. He also is our diabetic friend that runs a group for diabetics. (God's plan). we chatted for awhile, while the kids played on his front lawn. Then it was about time to leave.

It had been almost an hour since we had left home. As we were starting to head off, my little sweetie, laid down on the sidewalk. As they do this for fun on the walk too, I wasn't overly alarmed. But decided it was time to check her again. I yell back at our neighbor. "64!"

I grabbed the smarties that I always carry, just in case, and opened some up for her. Our neighbor asked if I wanted a juice box. Of course all of the kids did, diabetic and non diabetics! So he graciously brought four juice boxes back. She began to drink one and finish her smarties. My son wanted smarties too.

we then checked her again and the meter said 287. Our neighbor said, "that can't be right?" He had never seen numbers go up that high so fast before. He suggested retesting her. He ran in the house and grabbed some alcohol wipes for me to clean her finger and try again. 106. that was better. We gathered all of our stuff, including the plant that he gave us, and headed back home.

I was thankful that we have a friend that knows all about diabetes right down the street from us. Not every neighborhood is equipped with lifelines! and I was reminded to always clean her fingers when checking her. False readings could be dangerous.

and our other friend was educated at the same time.


  1. Great to have nice neighbors and even better to have ones that understand D.

  2. We should all move to the same neighborhood :) Wouldn't that be neat? I would love to have that same neighbor on my street, hee hee. So sorry about your sweetie girl. How scary.

  3. This blog is a great source of information for me. Thank you.


  4. Hi. I just came across your blog. I have a four year old daughter with T1D. Anyway, this same thing has happened to us with Smarties, and we always make her wash the sugar "dust" off her hands before retesting!