Our sweetie pies

Our sweetie pies

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just an update...

so the other night, we went in to check her again and found out that she was 78. she was sound asleep and sweaty and when I lifted her hand to check her, she was shaky. I was able to get her to drink some apple juice from a straw in a cup balanced next to her, snuggled in bed still.

she then came back up to 111. I then tried to get her to drink some milk to get her back up a bit higher for the rest of the night, but only succeeded in getting her to drink about a third of a cup. she did make it through the night at about 160.

we are starting to see lows again due to the adjustments that were made....

we are completing testing for her right now for her speech services. she hasn't been progressing as her brother is, so we are looking at any other areas that she may need support in too. so far, the vocabulary assessment determined that she has the vocabulary of a ten year old. hmmm.

"slow to speak, yet quick to listen" that was the first thing that came to mind.

so we shall see what is to come...

I was inspired by a woman that I recently read about that shares her story about her twins that were in the NICU at birth and how now she encourages others.

Then I thought about how many stories I am able to tell.

We have had preemie twins, a daughter in a body cast due to a broken femur bone, and now a little one with type 1 diabetes.. I think I am going to start working on a book telling our story of those three incidents to encourage others that face medical challenges with their children. If we survived three, then others can survive one or more too!

c'est tout pour maintenant...as I used to say

many things to come

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

endocronologist visit

Today we visited our diabetes' doctor as we refer to her. It had been awhile. She is so popular that we had to book our appointment two months in advance.

She noticed that our numbers had been running high. We hadn't seen her in awhile and were still mentally in honeymoon phase. She would still drop 200 points so we would leave a cushion a lot afraid of her dropping suddenly to low.

well, she didn't care for that plan.

She said that her bloodwork showed that her numbers were supposed to be under 9 but they were over 10.

so she made adjustments. lower ratio for meals and lower dose of Lantus. Her thoughts were that the Lantus was too high and that was causing her to drop large amounts.

As we were in the doctor's office over the hour, she had dropped from 248 to 102. Just sitting there with no food. So the doctor agreed that yes, that wasn't good either.

I asked her again about last Thursday when we all had a very good scare with her. She still doesn't understand what happened because we didn't have enough blood sugar readings around the event. So she is putting in the category of "I don't know".

We will put in the category of "God gets credit on this one".

She reminded us for our sweetie to wear her medical bracelet. I said that she does have one now but she doesn't like to wear it all the time. So she encouraged us to make it a routine but also agreed that she probably isn't ready for the pump if a bracelet bothers her. I agree. For now.

She is also ordering us the blood strip tester for ketones. that will make things easier too. Without it, you have to test urine. which is not as much fun.

so that's our visit in a nutshell. we went from great patients to patients that need some adjustments. I think we have too move from the "scared of might happen" phase "to managing her a little closer." phase.

But we have a few other things going on in our lives too, so we just do the best we can.